Innovative Systems Selects Ditech Networks’ PhoneTag Service for Voice-to-Text

MITCHELL, SD – Innovative Systems APMAX customers utilizing Unified Messaging will now be able to offer voice-to-text functionality. This feature will be made possible because of an agreement with Ditech Networks, Inc. for their Phone Tag Voice-to-Text (“VTT”) solution.

The Innovative Systems Unified Messaging application is the most widely deployed Voice Messaging platform in the independent telecom market, with systems in service across North America. According to Innovative Systems’ Voice and Video Service Director, Ryan Tupper, “We have been looking at VTT conversion technology for quite some time and wanted a reliable, highly scalable solution that makes sense for small and large service providers alike.” Tupper adds, “In addition to the text transcription, a subscriber can also receive an MP3 file of the actual voice message that they can listen to without being redirected to a website like other solutions on the market.”

“Ditech Networks’ Phone Tag solution provides an industry-leading carrier-grade VTT solution,” says Karl Brown, Vice President of Marketing at Ditech Networks. “The solution provides easy integration with a carrier’s existing voicemail infrastructure to provide safe, secure, quick, and accurate voicemail transcription using proprietary technology.”
About Ditech Networks

Ditech Networks provides advanced voice processing solutions that perform tasks spanning from voice-enabled Web 2.0 and unified communications services to voice quality enhancement. Ditech believes in the power and simplicity of human speech; its solutions deliver high-quality voice communication and it is currently developing compelling voice capabilities to new communications methods like social networking and text messaging, allowing consumers to use voice in ways that make sense in today’s Web 2.0-savvy world.

Leveraging over 20 years of deployments with communications providers around the world, Ditech’s products help global communications companies meet the multiple challenges of service differentiation, network expansion and call capacity, by delivering consistent, dependable voice quality. Ditech’s customers include Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, Orascom Telecom, AT&T, Telus, and West Corporation. Ditech Networks is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit
About Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems offers the APMAX IMS Application Server, the only platform in the industry that delivers enhanced voice services and IPTV video solutions, eLation, a fully integrated OSS solution which includes billing, financials and staking and mapping applications. With over 1200 systems in service throughout North America, Innovative Systems is one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications hardware and software for the Independent Telco Market. For more information, please contact the Innovative Systems Corporate Office at 605-995-6120 or visit
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