Carriers & Resellers

PhoneTag services offer an additional revenue stream that is complimentary to your core business. Easy to integrate and a sticky product, PhoneTag allows you to differentiate yourself in your marketplace while providing your voicemail users a valuable tool to enhance their mobility and productivity.

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Carrier Benefits of PhoneTag Voice-to-Text
  • Increased revenue per user with low churn
  • Marketplace differentiator
  • Service targets casual and power users
Why Subscribers Want It
  • No need to retrieve messages or deal with voicemail passwords.
  • Messages can be quickly scanned to determine their urgency.
  • Voice-to-Text provides flexibility to read voicemail when listening is
    not an option . . . In a meeting? In a noisy environment? At a movie?
    Not a problem!
  • No more scrambling for a pen or pressing re-wind to capture critical information.
    Just read your voicemail and react.

Beyond Voicemail-to-Text PhoneTag supports many new carrier services beyond voicemail-to-text including:
  • Call recording with transcription
  • Conference calls with transctiption
  • Voice-to-text updates to CRM systems and social networks
Deployment Options PhoneTag can be deployed in several ways:
  • Web API
  • Email Gateway
  • On-Premises solution