Can I get PhoneTag for my whole company? Absolutely, contact our corporate sales department at How will PhoneTag’s voicemail system be different than my current system? PhoneTag voicemail has all of the same features as your current voicemail service, with the additional feature that it converts all your messages to text and sends them to your phone via SMS text messages or email.
How are messages counted? Any message that requires transcription is counted on your plan. We do not charge per SMS or per email sent, only by transcribed message. If caller hangs up before leaving a message, you will not be charged.
How do I record my own greeting? To record your own greeting... Dial 800-784-0457 from the phone you registered with PhoneTag and do the following: Press 0 for options Press 1 for voice greetings Record your voice greeting Press 1 to accept your message and to save
How can I remove the PhoneTag prompt at the end of my voicemail greeting? The PhoneTag prompt can be removed by clicking the ‘My Account’ tab above or at, where it says TagLine. Once you are logged in, the setting can be switched off under ‘Account Settings.’
How do I get my pin number? Visit the ‘My Account’ section of the website at and select “What’s My Pin?”

How do I cancel my subscription? You can cancel your subscription at any time logging in to the ‘My Account’ section of the website at and select cancel under the self-service tab.

Does PhoneTag work with the iPhone? Yes it does. However you will not be able to use the iPhone's built-in visual voicemail. Instead you can read and listen to your voicemail through your email via PhoneTag.
Can I forward multiple lines to my PhoneTag account? Yes! You can forward as many different phone lines to your PhoneTag account as you would like. Each line will terminate in the same voice mailbox so if you need to have a separate voice greeting for your cell phone and for your office phone, you will need two separate PhoneTag accounts.
How do I update my billing information? To update your billing information, login to the PhoneTag customer ssupport ite and go to the Account Settings tab,
How does billing work? We bill you at the end of each service period, usually within the 1st 10 days of the following month. For example: if you use our service in March, your March invoice will get charged on about April 8th.